Serdang, 19 August-Thirteenth College has organized the "International Skills and Knowledge Exchange Program-INSKEP 2016" which took place from 19 August 2016 to 29 August 2016. This internationalization program is a joint effort of Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) and the Kyushu Institute of Technology (Kyutech) Japan. During the 10 days program involves 11 students from Kyutech. The program has been patronized by brothers Ali Sufyan bin Khamurudin, was assisted by a team member of the executive committee and facilitators who have been appointed. On 19 August, during the ceremony "Welcoming Dinner" upon arrival at the airport Kyutech delegates at 8.30 malam.yang aims to welcome and celebrate the arrival of students from Kyutech. In the event that this takes place, the students teelah introduced to their buddies on duty to help them during their stay in UPM. In addition, they also have given them the key accommodation while staying in the Thirteenth College. Early this event was taking place smoothly.
On the second day, the activities of the day began with a student Kyutech Japanese menu breakfast with fried noodles, stir fry sauce, bread and tea rich in hot drop Andromeda Council. Breakfast is accompanied by Kochi University students. Coinciding padajam 9.00 am, Kyutech University students gathered in Phoenix to endowment session activity "Explorace: Getting to Know Each Other" with CALC and finished at 12.00 pm after lunch. After that, students of the University Kyutech given time to rest before resuming activities with the mixed flows shop at 1.00 pm until 4.30 pm. At 4:30 pm, the students of the University Kyutech given room to relax before regrouping in Phoenix Square at 6.45 pm for dinner at Cafe 13 with "buddies" respectively. Activities during the night to start exactly at 9.00 pm the activities Introduction to Local Food Surau located behind Orion. The local food is cooked and prepared with cekodok banana, potato chips, fried spring rolls, fruit Melaka and so on. Participants included executives InSKEP program implementers, Executive Managing Kochi program, Kyutech University students and students of the University of Kochi. Through this activity, the camaraderie and fraternity between the Thirteenth College students and Japanese delegations can be nurtured and built more friendly and close. All participants were very happy and cheerful that night. At 11.00 pm, the participants returned to the rooms - each for self-management before resting.

 The third day InSKEP Program began with breakfast at 7:30 am on the board of Andromeda, the Thirteenth College. After that, precisely at 8 o'clock, 11 students Kyutech with 7 students delegation from Kochi and 14 facilitators of the Thirteenth College went to Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM), Kepong for joint activities FRIM namely "Nature Trekking" visit to FRIM Gallery, and "Treasure Hunt". on arrival in FRIM, the arrival of the participants were greeted by FRIM officials continued with a briefing on FRIM. Students Kyutech, Kochi students and facilitators were divided into groups before starting the activity. At 5.30 pm, all participants and facilitators also went back to college.Before returning to college, the participants stopped at IOI City Mall, Putrajaya for dining and leisure activities. At 9.00 pm, introduction and exhibition of traditional costumes races - races in Malaysia was conducted for the participants Kyutech and Kochi. Kochi and Kyutech participants are given the opportunity to try on clothes as a result of cultural exchange Malaysia. At 11.00 pm, the participants and facilitators disperse to relax.

On the fourth day, the participants InSKEP 2016 had breakfast at 8.00 am with the facilitator on the board of Andromeda. At 9.00 am, Kyutech students gathered in front of bus stop to move to Biomass Technology Centre (BTC) at Universiti Putra Malaysia. Students are given an in-depth description of the BTC. Exactly at 11.30 am, students Kyutech arrive at the Thirteenth College of BTC. At 12.00 pm, the facilitator with students Kyutech move to Cafe clump next to college to have lunch together. Next, at 2.00pm, activity continued to visit the Yakult factory located in Seremban, Negeri Sembilan. Journey to the Yakult factory by bus provided UPM takes about 45 minutes to arrive to the destination. The Yakult factory, a variety of lighting and exposure given to the students. In the first session, students were briefed on the history Kyutech Yakult founded by Dr. Shirota. Next, continue with a visit to the Yakult drink processing. Students can see clearly how Yakult produced. In the third session, students once again briefed on the benefits of Yakult drink water to the immune system especially. After that, the photography session held in co-facilitators Yakult factory as a token of appreciation. The Yakult also supply 2 Yakult Yakult Ace and Yakult Ace Light. Exactly at 6.00 pm, the students returned to the university. At 7.00 pm, 13 students to the cafe for dinner. At 9.00 pm, all students Kyutech were instructed to gather in the hall Andromeda because tradisional.Sesi dance sessions will be held on this day to be guided by the Secretariat of Culture and Integration (Sebudhi) led by brother and sister Haibiel Azrin. They have been taught to all students Zapin Kyutech and they have tried their first dance zapin.Pada seem clumsy, but after carefully taught by experts Sebudhi, they can dance Zapin smoothly once. All have fun tonight and start to-contact with each other and taking pictures together. At 11.00 pm, all students and participants to disperse.

 The fifth day program begins with breakfast at 8:00 am in the Board of Andromeda as day - the day before. On this day, participants will be filled with activities Kyutech in CALC located in the Faculty of Languages and Media Communications. Exactly at 8.30 am, the participants went to Kyutech CALC bus ride back to college campuses and at 4.00 pm. Next, night activities begin at 9:00 pm where participants gathered at the Andromeda Council to play an arrogant traditional Malaysian, ting - ting and flat. At 10.30 pm, the participants Kyutech with face disperse the fun and tired. According to one participant of the program, traditional games that they play at night it is the first experience that they can taste the traditional game in Malaysia except ting - ting because it has some elements that are taken by Japan. At the end of the night, they entered the room at 11.30pm and relax.

On the fifth day, the Thirteenth College organized a visit to Putrajaya to apply input again learning to "exchange program" organized between Universiti Putra Malaysia with Kyushu Institute of Technology @ Kyutech.Tentative program is as stated, right at 8 am, Japanese students are invited to enjoy breakfast in the Andromeda Council. The facilitator is responsible for managing the food in the morning is a brother Ashraf Faiz Aiman and Zikri. After breakfast, they are required to assemble at Dataran Phoenix before boarding a bus to destinations selected in Putrajaya. The trip starts at 9 am joined by brother Ali Sufyan (the banner), sister Shafiza (responsible for the emergency kit) and sister Nadia who manages the affairs of the group transport. Among the places visited include Putra Mosque, Putra Perdana, Persiaran Perdana, Taman Warisan, Steel Mosque and the Millennium Monument. Throughout the group, Kyutech students can learn a bit about development in Putrajaya as well as they have already tried durian for the first time. They also enjoy lunch at the Heritage Park and after the group ended, they stopped at the mall Alamanda Putrajaya to buy dinner. On the whole, the group is running smoothly and the students of this program have the opportunity to expand their knowledge about Malaysia. After all finished, the group went back to return to the Thirteenth College. In the evening there was no formal activities carried out so students are given time to relax in their rooms.

 The sixth day began with breakfast at the Andromeda Council, Thirteenth College along with a facilitator who will be with them at 8.00 am. After that, the participants went to the garage and CALC to continue their activities and ended at 5.00pm. As the day - the day before, Kyutech students will be taken by 'buddies' them for dinner at Cafe Thirteenth College at 6.45 pm. Next, night activities begin at 9:00 pm where participants gathered at the Andromeda for leisure activities with "buddies" like playing the game "Get to Know Quiz", "Charade", "Japan to Bahasa Inggeris", and "Reflection". Various reactions can be seen on the faces of the participants Kyutech apparent cheerfulness Kyutech participants and the facilitator of the evening. The evening ended at 11.00 pm.
On the seventh day, Kyutech students should prepare a presentation on the activities carried out during their stay in Malaysia. At 8 am, students Kyutech breakfast at the Andromeda Council before moving to CALC at 9.30 am for the Heritage Museum was opened at 10 am. They have been commissioned to prepare a presentation before 3pm. At 3.00 pm, the presentation start where they are, Kyutech students were divided into two groups. They presented the activities they conduct during the program include traditional games, introduction to traditional dress and so on. They also shared their experiences during their stay in Malaysia. Then, complete the presentation, Prof. Shirai Yoshihito the deputy officer of the University Kyutech delivered a speech, followed by representatives of the facilitator, Abdul Hadi. After the speech of the second - two parties, the ceremony continued with the presentation of certificates to the students and facilitators Kyutech Thirteenth College as a token of appreciation. After completion of the ceremony, they were together - the same meal before heading back to college. At 8 pm, they were taken by the college to a night market nearby and before returning to the College 13 about 11.30pm.
On the eighth day, the program continues with a visit to Kuala Lumpur. At 8.00am the students from Japan began to come together and have breakfast. Exactly at 9.00 am, the students and facilitators to move the bus to the first destination of Royal Selangor. At 10.30 am, the participants arrived at the Royal Selangor and move in to view the items on display while listening to the existence of info about the history of the Royal Selangor. Participants and facilitators are also exposed to the process of making pewter and try the steps shown. Day at the Royal Selangor ends and the journey continues to the Istana Negara in Jalan Duta. In it, all participants and facilitators posing together students from Japan. Complete picture, all the students moved to an old castle. Each student is charged to enter into and are not allowed to take pictures. This castle has been moved into the Royal Museum, which is exhibiting all the rooms once inhabited by the King earlier. Students also visited the Balai Rong Seri and allowed begambar in situ. After that, students moving to the next destination of the Art Market. The purpose of visiting the Art Market is to provide opportunities for Japanese students choose and buy goods which can be used as a souvenir to take home to Japan at a reasonable price. At 4.30 pm, all participants gathered at the Pasar Seni LRT station to travel to KLCC LRT ride. On arrival at the KLCC, the students are released for shopping and dinner. Exactly at 8.00 pm, all students gathered outside the City to see the fountain show held in the evening. When finished watching the show, students move on to the bus and start the journey back to college. On arrival at the college, students returned to the rooms - each for relaxation.

The ninth day InSKEP program is run. As early as 8 am the facilitator of the Thirteenth College and students gathered at Bukit Expo Kyutech with sports attire. Little initial briefing about the sports activities to ensure the program runs smoothly today. Then the activity of heating and stretching the body headed by a facilitator with a student Kyutech the Kinuko. At 9.20am, traditional sports activities are carried out where there are approximately 4'check point' is where each 'check point' placed facilitator assigned to control activities. Among the traditional sports activities are going slippers, futsal, water balloons and candy in flour. To create a village environment, each facilitator and Kyutech students are required to wear sarongs and batik fabrics as well as introduce the local Malay culture. Traditional sports activities end at 11 am and ended with a photo session together - together. In the afternoon, at 2.30pm, 10 facilitators and 11 students Kyutech move to Mitsui Outlet at Sepang by bus UPM. Mitsui Outlet, free activities are carried out. Some students Kyutech and facilitator buy goods and souvenirs while others wander in the Mitsui Outlet. At 6pm, the facilitators and students Kyutech departure back to UPM. At night, students Kyutech given the freedom to conduct their own with 'buddies' - each.
On the last day InSKEP program in 2016 which is the tenth, "Farewell Lunch" held its closing ceremony for students Kyutech. The event starts at 12.30 pm. It began with a prayer and then eating session. After that, enhanced the ceremony with a speech by Prof. Shirai, En. Kobayashi, escorts participants Kyutech, his deputy, Mr. Fellows. Alvin and his student representatives of the University Kyutech. Then, the ceremony continued with a souvenir and gift certificates to students - students Kyutech. Next, the ceremony ended with a roll photography - crowded. At 5pm, the students Kyutech sent to KLIA, accompanied by a facilitator for the flight back to Japan. Kyutech participants and the facilitator depart from the Thirteenth College by bus. Once arrived at the airport, the facilitators brought students to Kyutech the Registration Counter to check in. Exactly at 7.40pm, all facilitators went back to college with a wistful feeling happy but armed with the memory that has been created throughout the program with a delegation of students InSKEP 2016 Kyushu University of Technology (Kyutech).

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