Jelajah Puncak 1.0 was held on October 9, 2016 in Gunung Datuk, Rembau, Negeri Sembilan. This program is being conducted by the Secretariat of Sports and Recreation, the Supreme Council of the Thirteenth College in collaboration with the management of the Thirteenth College and the Student Affairs Division Universiti Putra Malaysia. A total of 36 participants comprised of 31 students and 5 College Thirteen officers escort who is a fellow of the Thirteenth College.


The program is organized to produce students who have high endurance, promote a healthy lifestyle among participants and foster self-esteem among students. In addition, through this program can also bring awareness to the participants to also actively involved in co-curriculum besides only excel academically. Mountaineering can be considered as a challenging activity because it requires mental and physical strength. Even so, mountaineering is also one of the recreational activities that can be used as a therapy for students who are experiencing stress in learning.


Jelajah Puncak 1.0 participants start out from the Thirteenth College at 9 pm, October 8, 2016 and arrived in Gunung Datuk at around 11pm. All participants relax while waiting for climbing activities started at 3am.


When started hiking at 3am, the situation and the surroundings are still a little dark as the difficulty for participants to climb a mountain with an altitude of 2900 feet above sea level it. However, with the guidance and assistance of directional tools such as headlamp has facilitated the movement to the mountaintop.


Although the track is quite challenging ascent along the climb, however, the participants reached the summit of Mount Datuk safely. Climbing Gunung Datuk takes approximately 3 hours.


Overall, the program is running successfully as planned. The participants also felt proud and motivated after a successful summit of Mount Datuk result of the full attention given to physical and mental endurance and determination to finish the climb that high. Great expectations for the participants to acquire all the positive input contained throughout the course of this program.

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