Serdang 8 OCTOBER -Bersempena with Mega Tree Planting Program on October 8, 2016, as many as 10 thousand trees were successfully planted in the vicinity of the University Putra Malaysia. There are several Zones Investment for the program that is in Zone A, Zone B, Zone C Zone D1 Zone D2 and Zone E. Zone A, the location is located in the vicinity of Building TNCPI (White Building Expressway Silicon). More than 500 participants have been involved in this zone of 14 participants VIP stationed in Zone A1, 150 participants from 12 College, 150 College 13, and 70 of 14 College placed in Zone A2-1, while a total of 40 people from College 14 and 150 people from Mohamad Rashid College is placed in Zone A2-2. Coordinator responsible in this zone is Mr. Hj. Mohd Nizam Jaafar.

The purpose of this Tree Planting Program Mega was to brighten the atmosphere in the vicinity of UPM and thereby to reduce the impact of global warming with the ability of trees to absorb the carbon emissions that cause global warming. The program is organized in UPM was also organized at the UPM Bintulu on the same day and time to coordinate any activities organized by the two institutions. Recognizing the importance of fostering a spirit of love for the environment among young people, these events targeting students of Universiti Putra Malaysia in Serdang or in Bintulu.

 One of the activities carried out in conjunction with this program is the warm-up activities. After all the students of each college to arrive at the destination, a warm-up is done so that students are better prepared before doing the work of planting trees. Upon completion of these sessions, the students distributed food and drinks for breakfast before the next activity is done because according to the organizers, breakfast is important because it serves to supply energy to the body for daily activities. After finishing breakfast, the students are instructed to gather in their respective zones as it has been told before.


13 College Students of 150orang been assigned to Zone A2-1. Tn. Hj. Mohd Nizam, the coordinator of the zone to give a little speech regarding the necessary and unnecessary as a prelude to the session. Among the details that are emphasized by him is about how to hold the seedlings would be planted. The trick is to hold or hug polybag. Saplings cannot be held because of the concern is divided stem is damaged or broken. In this zone, trees should be planted hibiscus is the scientific name, Hibiscus. In addition, he also gave a description of the layout of a zig zag plants and saplings ground level must be level with the ground. Students are also advised to dredge and dispose of land if the seedlings are higher and more land if the tree is lower. He is also willing, trees that have been prepared should be reviewed in advance by the supervisor and principal to ensure a properly prepared so that a problem such as a tree cannot grow well not happen.


Polybag must be cut before the seedlings are planted. After polybag cut, polybag should be opened carefully so that the soil structure is not affected. Once completed, the tree is planted in holes marked with a hand trowel and smooth the soil and place the mulch around the tree to retain moisture in the plant. It is slow drying of water where the limit is always moist and to protect plant roots from direct sunlight. Then, the process of watering is done by the students by incorporating water into empty mineral bottles or scoop that brought its own. As a result of hard work and spirit of cooperation shown by the students and other participants have successfully yielded a total of 10 thousand trees will be planted and watered around UPM successfully.

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