Historical moment sacred record date beginning on July 22, 1997 when the establishment of a new residential colleges, namely College Matriculation UPM or better known as the KOMAT. Be a platform for the students to live in a residential college in Institutions of Higher Learning (IPTA) Malaysia's premier, students also have the opportunity to gain knowledge and expand into a higher level in the field of their choice.

Preamble responsible administration has been conducted by Matriculation School with the first intake of students began on August 15, 1997. As first principal, Mr. Mohamad Azmi Sulong was successful in this college with efficient and competent staff with 17 people appointed.

After the Ministry of Education took over the management of the matriculation program in 2000, in the session of May 2000/2001, the college had been opened to students from the diploma programs. Now, the college changed its name to the Thirteenth College, and the name of Matriculation College (KOMAT) live only in memories.

Since July 2019, Thirteenth College have been merge with College of Mohammad Rashid (KMR) as a part of UPM's Governant Transformation program. This transformation leads toward new image and identity for Thirteenth College.

Alternating years mature us in all things. Thirteenth College changed little by little in terms of administrative and operational affairs of the College. Featured quality management reflects their efficiency in performing system neatly and efficiently.

Helm also changes begun in 2001 by Prof. Dr. Ahmad Ismail, Prof. Dr. Zakaria Mohammed Hussin, Y.M Dr. Tengku Tengku Mohammad Azam Shah, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ariffin Abdu and till now administered by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ahmad Shukri Muhammad Noor,  with dedication and concern for all citizens of this College.

Thirteenth College system based on highly stressed family warmth in serving customers. Present customers can stay in touch with the staff on duty if they need help or anything related to the Thirteenth College.

With such history, Thirteenth College have been through ups and downs, which leads to excellence. From a small community of strangers changed to a non-formal learning institutions produced many champions and graduates who are competitive and have high kobolehpasaran. The spirit of love makes Thirteenth College able to reach a variety of titles. In 2012, the name of the Thirteenth College soared through programs organized by the University of Malaysia son. Hopefully with this maturity, Thirteenth College will continue to progress and success with achievements to come.



Updated:: 21/10/2019


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